Common Questions Answered

The Griff doesn't do well as an outside kennel dog.  They thrive on being with their humans.

Usually a Griff does not object to strangers; but they will object if someone is threatening or hurting their humans.  They might appear shy but they sit back and watch the unknown person to decide whether or not they will enter act with them.

Weekly brushing of the coat; bi-weekly toenail cutting, monthly checking for inner ear hair.

If given real bones to chew on, the Griff's teeth need to be checked monthly for plaque and tartar buildup.

Generally a very healthy breed without many health problems.  Provided you feed them a premium food and they get the equivalent of 2 miles a day exercise. 

Most Griffs like children.  They can be taught to not harm cats in the house.  Remember they are hunters of fur bearing animals as well as birds.  An outside cat that runs is fair game.  If you have house birds, the Griff may go on point and stay there until you make them "leave it".

Griffs hide their toys in their mouths when going outside.  You might think that big stuffed bear would be noticed - think again.  I can't tell you the number of times I've found their 'babies' outside.  That goes for stolen socks and underwear also.


No Nos

Unless you are right there, never tie a dog outside.  They will either chew through the line or possibly harm themselves.

No balls to play with smaller then a tennis ball.

Never feed completely wet food as it will damage their teeth.

No pig ears or cow hoofs - those treats splinter and can cause punctured intestines.  They can also get lodged in the throat causing death.

Get rid of bones when they start to splinter or become smaller then a tennis ball.

Rawhide bones get soft when chewed on and the bigger dogs can tear off large strips which can get lodged in their throats.

This page is designed to help you and your family decide whether or not your home and your lifestyle are ready to get this breed of puppy.  Some of these questions apply more to the Griffs then the Cresteds but they may make you aware of other questions you might want to ask.

  Why are you looking for this particular breed?

 Have you studied about the breed and its general characteristics?

 Do you have a fenced yard?

 Do you have the time to make sure the dog gets sufficient exercise?

 Do you have the time to devote to the training of this dog or do you plan to have someone else do it?

 What is your back ground in dogs?  Do you currently own one?  If so, what breed.

 Do you have cats?  Indoors?  Outdoors?

 Do you have birds?  Indoors?  Outdoors?

 Do you plan to have this dog live inside the home?  Outside in a kennel run?

 Are all of your family ready to accept this breed?

 Can you afford to feed this dog a premium dog food?

 Can you afford the yearly Veterinary visits?  Heartgard?  Frontline?

 Is your area a Lyme's Disease area?

 Can you do dog nails?  Grooming?  Brushing teeth?

 How long have you been searching for this breed?

 Have you contacted any other breeders?

 Are you planning on breeding this dog in the future?

 If so, have you ever bred a dog before and taken care of a litter?

 Are you willing to keep in contact after your purchase?  E-mails, photos, etc.?

Are you sure this is the breed for you as all deposits are non-refundable?

How do you plan to get the puppy?  Shipping within the USA mainland usually runs about $29, plus an extra Vet. visit [$50] for the certificate to fly, plus $35 for a crate which the pup will out grown within the month.  Due to temperature restrictions, unless you fly with the pup, you can not have it shipped if the temperature is forecast to be over 85 degrees F.or below 20 degrees F at any stop on the trip.   Or we some times have humans driving to the North East Coast and will drive the pup out for $200 which is paid to the driver.   With the costs of gas tripling, it is getting expensive to drive but it is safer for the pup then shipping the pup alone.

As we have been breeding for over 40 years, we try to keep in contact with our new 'family' members.  We want you, your family, and the dogs to be happy and healthy.  We try to get back to you within 24 hrs. if you have a problem or question.  We at Kyloe Kennels believe there is no such thing as a stupid question.  We want you to be sure of the breed you are getting, the people you are dealing with, and the committment you are making.