Limited registration give to all dogs sold.

Hunters/Companion Contracts

These dogs come with LIMITED AKC Registration.  That means they can participate in all AKC events with the exception of Conformation showing.  If bred, their offspring cannot be registered with AKC.  All come microchipped with the Home Again chip. 

Price for Griffons $2,000

Prices for Cresteds $1,000 to $1,500

Contract - Pet/Hunter/Companion


1.  Seller/Breeder: Jill & Michael Rankinen & June Markle_

     Address: _4800 Co. Rd. FO, Champion, MI 49814_____

     Phone: _906-371-5455__ E-mail:

2.  Buyer:  _______________________________________

     Address:  _____________________________________

     City: ___________________ State: ___ Zip: _________

     Phone: ________________ E-mail: ________________

3.  Date of Sale: ___________ Price of Dog: $__________

4.  Color: _________________ Call Name: _____________

5.  Registered Name: ______________________________

6.  Date Of Birth: ______________ Reg. No. ___________

7.  Microchip#: _______________ Sex: _______________

8.  Breeder's Name: _______________________________

9.  Sire: ______________________ Reg. No. ___________

10. Dam: _____________________ Reg. No. ___________

11. Registration Given? Yes ___  No ___ Reason if             withheld:__________________________________________

Provided the dog is returned to seller, at buyer's expense, including a signed statement from a veterinarian, replacement on the following points are:

1.  At option and expense of buyer - 1 week health guarantee through examination by a veterinarian acceptable to both parties.  This mainly applies to dogs who are being shipped to insure they did not get injured during the flight.

2.  To be free from hip dysplasia to 26 months of age.  If dog is run for extended periods of time [jogging with owner] or does excessive jump training [training for agility or obedience]  when under 18 mos.,the replacement clause will become nul and void for hips and/or elbows.

Dogs can NOT be resold.  We want to know where all our "children" are!  We do not want to find our dogs in shelters, or going from home to home.  We also want to make sure that the health and welfare of our dogs are kept in mind.  To Insure this we require the following:

1.  If dog can not be kept for any unseen reason, dog must be returned to seller/breeder at the expense of buyer.

2.  To inform seller of circumstances surrounding a situation in which a decision to euthanasize the dog is possible, prior to euthanasia unless the situation  is an emergency and the dog is suffering.

3.  To provide us with the vet's record of cause of death when the dog passes away for whatever reason.

4.  To provide quality veterinary care at all times, including annual vacinations, parasite checks and dental care.

5.  To maintain the dog for the rest of its life on a high quality food.  All natural food is preferred.  Flint River Dog Food is recommended.

6.  To never transport the dog in an open vehicle such as the back of a pickup truck, or in any other way endanger the dog's health.

7.  To ALWAYS treat the dog as a family pet, with affection and kindness and never subject the dog