Pups can be delivered - prices vary per mileage from farm and if trip is one way or round trip.  Due to the high gas prices, we had to raise the delivery rate.  Airline cargo prices are now almost $300.00 for an 8 wks. old pup and are going up again in the next few weeks!

To Tri-State NY, NJ, CT area price is $225.00

For Griffs and Chinese Cresteds


$200.00 Deposits are to be sent to:

Jill Rankinen

4800 Co. Rd. FO

Champion, MI 49814

No reservations being taken till 2022-2023


​Daytime: 906-371-5455 or 906-486-7297

​Evening: 906-371-5455




















Prior litter photos-





















 When they are born, they all come out this coloring.  At birth the only color we can definitely say is chestnut or brown.  As far as their adult coat coloring, after about 5 weeks we can say ticked or roan.  Griffs continually change so there are NO guarantees that a pup will stay with a mostly white/silver coat or go brown/silver.  We can guess - but until they are about 7 yrs. their coats might change colors.  At 10 yrs. and up they may whiten/silver out.   






Brown [used to be mahogany]



Pups 6 wks. old.