Must accompany your $200 deposit to be on the list.  Fee for delivery from farm to June's house in CT $225 to upstate NY/PA $225 Lower MI $200

If you have questions, contact Jill


Kyloe Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and Chinese Cresteds

Jill and Michael Rankinen

4800 CO. RD. FO, Champion, MI 49814

Tel. 906-371-5455





1.                  SELLER/BREEDER:  _Jill and Mike Rankinen______

2.                  BUYER:  _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ______________________________________________________

CITY:_________________________ STATE:______________ ZIP:_________

PHONE:  _______________             E-mail:  ____________________________

3.                  DATE OF DEPOSIT:_____________________  DEPOSIT: $200.00

4.                  BREED:__________________________ 

5.                  PREFERENCE: MALE ________    FEMALE __________

6.                  COMPANION ______       SHOW/BREEDING POTENTIAL _________

7.                  Plan to spay/neuter:  YES _____    NO _____


Purchaser agrees to pay the remaining $1800.00 companion]receipt of dog or prior to shipping if the latter is the chosen means of transporting the dog.  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the breeder is unable to fulfill your choice of male/female you will remain on the list for the next litter unless you prefer to forfeit the deposit.  Breeder reserves the right to choose which puppy that is appropriate for the situation of your family.  You will receive AKC Limited Registration papers.  These can be changed once proof of spay/neutering occurs.



Buyer:  _________________________________________  Date:  ______________


Seller:  _________________________________________  Date:  ______________